Appointed Positions

Applications are currently available here.

Student Representative to the Board of Regents

The Representative to the Board of Regents acts as a voice for the students of the University of Minnesota system to the Board of Regents, the highest decision-making authority for all University of Minnesota campuses. They hold both the interests of UMD as well as the interests of the system in mind when giving feedback to the Board. The representative is required to attend these meetings with the Regents and voice student concerns and also work with the other student representatives to craft a yearly student report to the board. This position is recommended by a committee different than the rest of the director positions.

Senate Director

The role of the Senate Director is to coordinate the UMD student senators and to act as a voting member of Student and University Senate meetings. The Senate Director must also sit on the Student Senate Consultative Committee.

Director of Public Relations

The Director of Public Relations is responsible for promoting events, initiatives and activities Student Association is working on through the use of social media, display cases, tabling, or any other means of advertisement. 

Systems Administrator

The Systems Administrator is responsible for managing to Student Association website and maintaining any other hardware or software technologies within Student Association.

Sustainability Director

The Sustainability Director acts as a liaison between Student Association and the Office of Sustainability, advocate for students' concerns on issues of sustainability, and help make UMD a more sustainable campus.

Bulldog Lyft Director

The Bulldog Lyft director is in charge of communicating with the Cab company or companies who we are partnered with as well as pursuing promoting the program to students through various channels.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff is in charge of all members. Their job is to take minutes at the meetings and highlight important dates and events, as well as record attendance of all members throughout the semester(s). 

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

The role of the Diversity and Inclusion Director is primarily acting as a liaison between the Multicultural Center and Student Association and actively creating and pursuing diversity and inclusion related initiatives around campus. 

Rules and Elections Director

The Rules and Elections Director's main role is to oversee both fall and spring elections, and be the direct line of communication for interpreting the constitution and bylaws to Congress.

Associate Speaker

The Associate Speaker performs all duties of the speaker if the speaker is absent. This position is also the chair of the Committees on Committees. This position is voted on by Congress.