Freshmen Elections Results

Your new 2022-23 Freshmen Representatives!

An image of Julia Covert

Julia Covert, She/Her/Hers

College: CAHSS

Major: Political Science Minor: Journalism

An image of Lucas Fisher

Lucas Fisher, He/Him/His

College: SCSE

Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry

An image of Dakota Kath

Dakota Kath, He/Him/His

College: CEHSP

Major: Spanish Teaching

An image of Samara Koshiol

Samara Koshiol, She/Her/Hers

College: CEHSP

Majors: Childhood Nature Studies & Spanish

An image of Olivia Pemberton

Olivia Pemberton, She/Her/Hers

College: CAHSS

Majors: Environment, Sustainability, and Geography / International Studies

An image of Brooke Swanson

Brooke Swanson, She/Her/Hers

College: CAHSS

Major: Political Science/Pre-Law

An image of Ashainti Taylor

Ashanti Taylor, She/Her/Hers

College: CAHSS

Major: Undecided