Governing Documents and Agenda

UMDSA has spent this year working on my activities and initiatives, one of which is a review of our constitution and bylaws. These documents govern what we do, and were getting outdated. While looking at our structure we decided that by making changes reflected in our new document will give more direct power to students, allows our organization to be more effective and accountable, and aligning our structure with many other student associations in Minnesota. Per our Constitution changes must be ratified by UMD Students in a campus-wide referendum, which will occur in conjunction with Spring Elections on March 28th and 29th. We are asking you to support us in our effort and will provide the document and changes for your convenience. 

UMDSA Constitution (Revised April 2021)

 We will cover the major changes below:

  • The creation of a Vice President, who will act as a running mate to the Presidential candidate like we see nationally and in many other campuses. This joint ticket will set a platform and campaign together, including through public forums to connect directly with you.
  • Change the names of our current 4 Vice Presidents to Chief Officers for a clearer structure.
  • To make the top leadership of UMDSA a more competitive election, and giving the students more power of choice, we are proposing that the newly re-named Chief Officers are appointed by the President and would be confirmed by your direct representatives and senators. 
  • Change the name of Chair of Congress and Vice Chair to Speaker and Associate Speaker for clarity
  • Changes to our impeachment process to allow us to hold our group to the highest possible standard.

SA Org Chart

We are working hard to be the best representation we can be and will continue to do so. With your support, we will set on a new path that will make UMDSA better for you the students, the university and our campus community.

Any questions can be directed to Emma Neidviecky, Director of Rules and Elections at [email protected] or at our office in 115J Kirby Student Center.

Bylaws 2021 (Revised April 2021)

2019-202 UMDSA Operating Budget